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Thursday nights 7pm to 8.15pm

28th July 2022
29th September 2022
24th November 2022
30th March 2023
25th May 2023
27th July 2023
28th Sept 2023


Healing Inside Out
Suite 1, 728 Old Princes Highway
Sutherland NSW 2232

Reset your Energy

Bi-Monthly Sound Baths

Sound Bath – At Healing Inside Out – Sutherland

Daniela and I bring you an hour of relaxation, where you are bathed in sound. Using a combination of Crystal Bowls, Tibetan Bowls, Drum, Gongs and other beautiful instruments. Daniela uses her wonderful voice to enhance the Sound Experience.

We guide you with a meditation to trigger the relaxation response and you will leave feeling refreshed, relaxed and restored.

We will explore the essence of happiness through powerful movement, thoughtful words, creative expression and deep and meaningful connection.

Happiness is healing. Come along if you are ready to unlock your ‘happy’.

Ready to Make a Change?

We will explore your life challenges, reframe your thinking and reshape your reality.