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Daniela offers freedom from body pain, ease in movement and the skills to sustain “happiness” on a daily basis.

Mind Mastery Coaching
Muscle Corrective Therapy

Life Coaching

Spiritual Readings

Why Choose Us?

Does your internal voice say…


What's wrong with me?


Why can't I fix this?


I've seen so many therapists... so why isn't my pain going away?

Typically it takes 6 session for you to release and realign, mind, body and spirit. Then all you need do is maintain with top up sessions accordingly. I thrive on seeing you get to this point, empowering you to be free of the ‘need’ for therapy.

You are your best therapist, teacher, friend.

Let me help you re-member your truth.

Back Pain

I went in to see Daniela about my misaligned hips walked out feeling great! I did her 6 session deal and do not regret the decision!
Daniela is very informative, lovely, kind and caring soul! Will definitely be coming back for maintenance every month! Definitely highly recommend ❤️.”

Molzy Merritt

How can we help YOU

My Services

Muscle Corrective Therapy

A specialised, remedial treatment, releasing muscle fibres which restrict the hips, pelvis and spine, as well as focusing on general pain points, hot spots, trigger points and muscle attachments.

Life Coaching

With coaching, you will experience DEEP INSIGHTS into who you are, HOW you THINK, what holds you back, BEHAVIOURS and HABITS that SERVE YOU, and why you do habits that perhaps don’t. 

Full Body Massage

Relax and let your muscles be pampered, releasing all the tension and tightness away. Book in with Daniela today!


Bring your subconscious brain on board to what YOU want to ACHIEVE in this LIFE.

About Daniela

Love Yourself…

Heal Yourself…

For as long as I can remember, I always had this gut feeling that there has to be ‘more to life’.

After 6 important incidents by the age of 22, I began asking different kinds of questions. Studying all that I was curious and passionate about, to quench that thirst for knowledge.

Over the past 15 years I have studied, developed, released and realigned, firstly myself and over 2,000 clients to date.
After visiting 23 countries, living and working in 4, I am now based in Sydney, Australia, whilst travelling and training worldwide, to enable you to learn the language of your mind and body, and live a life you love.


My experience and fascination with the mind and body…

The Science Behind My Words

Six tips to better health


Best way to do this is to go within… meditation would be a non-negotiable. You wouldn’t leave the house with a phone on half charge… Don’t let your energy be half charged either…

Strength Building

Daniela to write abit about exercise and strength building…

Stress Relief

What are you eating… what type of fuel are you putting in ‘your car’? Did you know that eating foods in high sugars actually increases stress? Learn to fall in love with healthy food again.

Relax & Refresh

Time out is key to healthy mind, body and soul. When was the last time you gave yourself permission to relax and refresh your energy?

Beauty of Body

Pamper yourself… let your mind know that you are important… whether thats with a regular massage or a day out getting your nails or hair done… Just make the time…

Mind & Soul

What are the inner words you say to yourself… What do you hear? Which wolf are you feeding? Your mind and soul are key to keeping you in tip top shape… 

Love Yourself

Heal Yourself


What People Are Saying

"Daniela is one of the most amazing corrective massage therapists I’ve come across in Sydney, she addresses the root cause of your problem and assesses your overall health as well. I have worked with her on several small back, neck and hip recurring injuries as well as strengthening my inverted feet."

Ruth Regan

"Daniela is an incredible person who not only releases tension physically but also provides a safe space to discuss personal problems and gives strategies to help resolve them. Her sessions have decreased the amount of pain and tension that my scoliosis causes me, as well as providing me with a range of strategies that increase my ability to easily talk to people. Thank you for your continuing help and support."
Nanci Bradley

"I have been working with Daniela for a few months now, she has been my life coach. Worth every penny, my business has grown by 50% & so has my self worth.
Her readings are also incredible ?"
Louise Scotland

Ready to Make a Change?

We will explore your life challenges, reframe your thinking and reshape your reality. 

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