Daniela is passionate about

bringing happiness to the world

through a variety of offerings...

Muscle Corrective Therapy

An advanced deep tissue remedial body treatment

Missing Connections

Family Constellations uncovers hidden dynamics within family systems

Mindset & Manifesting Coaching

A deep dive into your heart and mind through neuroscience 

Marriage & End of Life Celebrant

Heart-centred ceremonies, completely tailored to you

Magical Breathwork

Functional breathing, analysis, breathwork and breath flows


Magical moments, teaching, healing, reading your powerful essence

Meet Daniela

The Happiness Queen

I am a multi-disciplined wholistic therapist and celebrant with extensive experience both personally and professionally.

This experience traverses the fields of wellness and neuroscience, trauma, muscles, mindfulness, family constellations, breathwork, and essential minerals.

Through my sessions you will be shown, taught, supported and guided on how to attain and maintain peace and happiness on a daily basis.

‘Happiness is when what you say, think and do are in harmony.’

happy clients:

Renata Dosanjh
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After experiencing persistent shoulder pain for six months, I found relief through Daniela's Muscle Corrective Therapy. Despite seeing various professionals previously, nothing really helped. As a former massage therapist, I have a deep appreciation for her technique, expertise and exceptional customer service. Daniela's approach not only eased my discomfort but she also demonstrated a great understanding in the field she is qualified.
Naomi Talbot
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I had the amazing opportunity today to experience a family constellation session with Daniela. I can't put my experience into words...all I can say is my experiences allowed deep shifts to occur and I felt immense relief and peace by the end of the process. It was such a beautiful, supportive, healing environment and Daniela guides the process with such beautiful loving energy.
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I can not thank enough that I can work with Daniela. I have been working with Daniela for 7 months as my life coach and I can see changes in myself. She makes me see things differently, better. She is kind, helpful, professional, simply she is HERE for me. Daniela has very positive vibe and after every session I feel better, happier and knowing every decision what i make will be the right one. Daniela is very supportive and caring.
Rachelle Shipley
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I could not have asked for a more wonderful wedding celebrant. Daniela was so amazing in the lead up to the wedding and durning the wedding. It was like having another best friend walking us through the process. She even helped the bridesmaids stay calm and certainly put my anxieties at ease. Not only that, our guests loved her. We had several people come up and tell us how great she was, her delivery was from the heart and with some humour in there, keeping guests engaged. Thank you Daniela for making this experience so wonderful!!
David Emery
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Daniela led a group breathwork class for our office which was so far beyond my expectations. She was so funny and compassionate and created a space for us all to be a lot more connected. And a few people's posture improved too.
Tracy Sii
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Daniela created a sanctuary of safety, support and nurture during my session. She is a gifted practitioner who brings a beautiful balance of the body, mind emotional and spiritual elements to her work. Daniela oozes a genuine, caring and personal approach to her sessions making you feel uplifted, supported, nourished and informed. Using her multitalented skill set, Daniela tunes into what your most needs on a physical, emotional and spiritual level. She is amazing. I highly recommend all that Daniela offers.

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