Mediumship Readings

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Then a Mediumship reading might benefit you!

These sessions allow your to enhance your current vibration and receive messages for your higher self.

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What is Mediumship?

Daniela offers powerful readings to help you open your heart and expand your mind. They are for people who are ready to clear the pathways that are potentially limiting their own unique, precious spirit.

With the combination of a honed ability to channel messages from spirit and guides, paired with years of experience helping people reach their full potential using Life Coaching, Daniela’s Psychic & Mediumship readings are a completely unique and encompassing experience.

Daniela offers private readings, whilst doing some work at fairs & festivals, and offering readings during platform mediumship events.

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Here are our FAQs:

As an intuitive healer, teacher and reader, I am able to tune in to your unique essence, unifying you through breath, connecting with your loved ones crossed over, evidencing life after life and deep guidance from higher dimensional planes.

Each session is dependent upon what comes through energetically, what is active and needed to be read. Sessions can include: Tarot cards, breath guidance for optimal flow, mediumship and life guidance.

Absolutely, and these sessions are just as powerful and can be done in the comfort of your own home. Remote sessions are offered via Zoom.

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