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Control your breath, control your life.

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What is Breathwork?

Breathwork is a physically safe and controlled approach to dealing with mental and physical conditions.

Using tried and tested methods you are guided through breakthrough breathwork to allow your body to release trapped trauma.

‘The issues get trapped in the tissues.’

As well as your breakthrough breathwork experience, you will be taught efficient methods of breathing to use in day to day life, helping you take control of your emotional and physical states.

The body is designed to return to balance. Through breathwork the body can be powerfully guided to return to homeostasis – ultimate balance.

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Here are our FAQs:

In a one-on-one breathwork session you can expect to receive a functional breathing test, measuring your current level of oxygen intake / CO2 tolerance.

Guidance on what is means to breathe functionally / tips to avoid dysfunctional breathing.

You will be taken through a range of breath flows / super-ventilated breathing which opens up the body’s ability to move stuck energy/emotions stored over the years.

One-on-one breath work sessions are available in clinic space; privately allowing you to release deep trauma often stuck within the body’s cells/fascia/myelin sheath in a safe, controlled environment, followed by individual support and tailor-made guidance to help you manage your emotional states through regulating your breathing rhythms.

Breathwork workshops are available to be led in your home / cooperate event / office building or at a studio we can provide.

Sessions usually last for one hour. For up to date pricing, please click on the Book A Session button below.

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