Missing Connections: Family Constellations

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Then a Family Constellations session might benefit you!

Family Constellations uncovers hidden dynamics and patterns within your family system that could be blocking your success in life.

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What is Family Constellations?

Family constellations is a therapeutic approach designed to help reveal the hidden dynamics in a family or relationship, in order to address and release parts of you that is no longer needed.

Family constellations, also known as Systemic Constellations, is a therapeutic method which works with the force that consistently tries to reunite that which has been separated. Family constellations is a tool where we can observe the unknown force and great spirit that connects us all to allow for great healing and harmony.

what happens in a

Family Constellations workshop?

We start each workshop with an explanation of what the process entails, then move into some functional breathing and meditation to allow presence and balance. 

After a brief discussion about what is in/out of balance, people will be selected to represent (representatives) family members / dynamics and other elements.

The facilitator offers heartfelt phrases, exchanges and suggestions to allow for resolution, peace and harmony. 

This process works within the morphogenetic field, which encompasses one and all. 

The feelings, outcomes and exchanges have been described as ‘magic’, as often there is little to no explanation as to how this healing happens. 

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Here are our FAQs:

An Issue Holder ticket provides you with the opportunity to work on something in relation to yourself / your family system.

This ticket enables you to experience both elements – the people in the room representing your family energetically, and you representing other people’s family. This is a guided workshop where the facilitator offers phrases/sentences to be said, allowing acknowledgment, acceptance and peace.

A Representative ticket allows you to experience the morphogenetic field by representing other people’s family. This can be just as powerful for yourself, as we often get a greater sense about our own lives through looking through the lenses of others.

This is a great option for first timers (particularly) who are curious about FC and would like to have an experience, but may not feel ready to work on themselves or have the full on constellation just yet.

Absolutely not. This is an energetic experience tapping into the energy that surrounds you, your family and the world around and within us. Your family’s lineage moves through you, so all you need to do is show up and you will be the best reflection for your family system.

One-on-one sessions are available, and the effects of these sessions within the morphogenetic field are just as powerful. During this session you will be encouraged to close your eyes as you are guided by the facilitator to connect with and experience your family in different ways. This method uses the same philosophy as within the workshop; offering phrases which enable movements and shifts within you, which ultimately allow for acknowledgment, acceptance and peace. These one-on-one sessions can be done face to face or via zoom.

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