I am here to help people

heal naturally, love powerfully and live magically.

Ever since I was little, I have had a deep desire to see people happy and safe.

I experienced 6 major traumas from the age of 11 – 22 years old. My reaction to these situations has given me the greatest education in self-love and self-healing. 

Through this journey, I quickly realised the need to bridge the gap between science and spirituality; evidencing spiritual practices.

After 10 years of extensive study and travel, I began my work as a multi-disciplined wholistic therapist. I have been supporting beautiful souls through Muscle Corrective Therapy, Coaching, Breathwork, Meditation, Mediumship, and Marriage for over a decade.

Throughout my life I’ve been blessed to travel to 23 countries, living and working in 4. This has given me a great understanding of human behaviour, and what it truly means to be healthy and happy.

Spoiler alert…. Happiness is an inside job.

My vision is to see

people thrive in mind and body, realise their power, and live happily and naturally.

It brings me so much joy to have learned how to hack my biochemistry, neurology and internal world, to the point that I feel 100% responsible for who I am and all that is ‘my life’. I love to infuse this energy into the sessions I provide, the treatments I offer, the loving ceremonies I facilitate, and precious readings I channel.

Within my clinic, it’s my duty to help you avoid unnecessary interventions, including operations and medications, which I have now seen happen so many glorious times.

I believe that there is truly a place for our Western medical system and I am grateful for having access to it. In saying that, I think that we are realising that prescriptions and surgeries are not a good fit for all ailments, often causing many adverse reactions and/or side effects.

This has allowed Eastern medicine, which has been working for millennia, to become more widely implemented.

I believe

with a combination of modern and ancient medicine, and a strong understanding of our own mind and body, we have ourselves a recipe for healing, health and happiness.

I pride myself on practising what I preach and have strict self-discipline practices to keep my own mind and body thriving, some of these include: meditation, resistant training, ice baths/steam room/sauna, handstands, swimming, reading/educating, maintaining an impeccable diet, allowing for good sleep, gratitude practices, compassion and daily mindfulness.

I love to support you with your daily practices, so you can live an optimal life.