Sexy Self Love

Self love is sexy! In this blog post, we will work together to help you create a long lasting self love goals and routines.

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No Fun, No Point

How important is it to have fun on a daily basis?
To laugh until your belly hurts and/or snot comes out of your nose?
I think that life is supposed to be fun ? That’s one of the key reasons we are here. In fact, since I was 26 I made a decision that I have stuck to….. I don’t do anything that isn’t fun, useful or exciting.

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My Abstinence Adventure

2020 was my 1 year of abstinence. Here is my conclusion:

Month 1 – Excitement at new goal. Curiosity in thinking, strange sleep (weird dreams!).

Month 2 – Increased (lucid) dream intensity & consistency. Feeling very aware of the length of time of this commitment, and feeling a little inner-pressure to succeed.

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